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Dinah Locke

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Our aim is to assist you in achieving your goals to regain maximal recovery and function following an injury or condition restricting your lifestyle. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced and qualified in current management of musculoskeletal conditions as well as offering advice and assistance in regaining a healthy lifestyle. Physiotherapists have an expert knowledge of anatomy , biomechanics and exercise prescription.

Our appointments are 30 minutes duration for standard consultations and you therefore have our undivided attention.

Depending on your diagnosis, treatment will consist of an explanation of your condition and a combination of hands-on treatment and specific exercises. Goals will be developed in partnership between you and your physiotherapist. You are encouraged to give feedback during the treatment so that the best result can be achieved and so that you have an understanding of what you also need to do for that good result.


Lara Syme

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Lara graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from La Trobe University in 2004. Since graduating she has spent 14 years working in and managing private practice.

Lara provides accurate diagnosis and effective treatment by listening to her patients and varying treatment modalities to suit individual needs.

Lara has a special interest in treating the back, neck and jaw especially when associated with headache and facial pain.

Lara has expanded her musculoskeletal Physiotherapy knowledge by striving for excellent outcomes while assisting in the resolution of her patient's varied impairments and through constant professional development. Lara thrives on the challenges and rewards that come with mentoring her employees and colleagues.

Lara brings a very "hands on", knowledgeable and caring approach to treatment. She is happy to liaise with medical practitioners to further customise your physiotherapy experience.

Physical Therapy
We treat a range of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and associated conditions.
Our physiotherapy techniques will assist you in achieving maximal recovery from your injuries.
Body Mechanics
Jaw and facial pain, known as TMJ disorders especially associated with facial injuries or with habits of clenching or grinding of the teeth