Headaches are a very common complaint in our society. Sometimes there is a family history of headaches, and sometimes it is possible to see that the frequency and intensity of the headaches are related to postural issues such as sitting poorly or for long periods of time at a desk. Stress is often a precursor to frequent headaches due to increases in muscle tension in the neck, shoulder girdle and face. Physiotherapists are highly qualified to give you a thorough assessment and give you advice on ways that you can manage your headaches.

A large proportion of headaches have a cervicogenic cause ie. originating in the neck. This means that the joints and muscles in your neck can be treated with gentle mobilisations and stretches with the result that the headaches reduce in strength and frequency and eventually disappear in the majority of people. Strengthening specific muscle groups and stretching others will assist with correcting the head on neck, neck on shoulder posture. Advice about avoiding aggravating activities and postures as well as advice about sleeping positions and driving positions is helpful so that you feel in control of the pattern of your headaches.. Your physiotherapist will also help with diagnosing whether your jaw joints or the muscles of your face and head are contributing to your headaches. This is called Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD and can often be missed as a cause of your headaches. Assessing the pattern of pain and examining the jaws and neck as well as taking a complete history will help with the diagnosis.

At Victoria Parade Physiotherapy Centre we see a large number of people with TMD and headaches, and are experienced in dealing with headaches of all causes.


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