General Joint and Muscle Injuries

Sedentary lifestyles, at work and at home predispose us to joint and muscle injuries when muscles weaken and their stabilizing effect at the joints become less effective. Disease in the joints from arthritis can cause pain which may affect your function, for example walking up and down stairs, getting in and out of the car or hanging washing on the clothes line.

Your physiotherapist can give you advice on helping yourself through the recovery phase from general joint and muscle injuries which can occur when you start an exercise regime to counter the harmful effects of a lack of healthy activity levels. Having a plan when returning to activities such as walking programs will prevent a recurrence of your injury. Treatment by your physiotherapist may include electrotherapy, exercises, gentle joint mobilisations, and soft tissue stretching.

Arthritis causes varying degrees of damage to the surfaces of your joints. Reducing pain by unloading the joints and strengthening the surrounding muscles through specific exercises results in giving these arthritic joints stability. Pacing your return to an increased activity level is important so that the arthritic joint tolerates the activity.

Keeping active is the ultimate aim in a healthy lifestyle. Sedentary jobs or arthritic joints may potentially cause difficulties in maintaining a level of activity but by visiting Victoria Parade Physiotherapy Centre you will have an opportunity to recover from any joint and muscle injury as well as gaining advice on prevention of a recurrence of your injury.


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Joint and Muscle Injuries

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