Neck and Back Disorders

A large number of people searching for a physiotherapist are looking for help with low back pain, thoracic (or middle back pain ) and neck pain. A sedentary lifestyle has become common in the community with people relaxing and de-stressing in front of TV, looking at a computer or other electronic device or sitting for hours over a coffee. If you also have a job where you sit at a desk or computer the total number of hours just sitting can affect the spinal discs, joints and muscles. This has become a prime reason why our community has a greater number of people with long term ( chronic ) back and neck pain.

Lifting injuries, particularly with twisting, or lifting with reaching are also causes of injury to the spine, both the back and the neck.

If the injuries from any of these causes are significant, there can be compression on the nerve roots where they exit from the spinal cord and symptoms such as pain, pins and needles and numbness can occur in the lower limbs from the lumbar spine or the upper limbs from the neck, or cervical spine. These symptoms can decrease markedly with gentle spinal mobilisations and specific stretches. Your physiotherapist can help you by giving advice on how to avoid re-injuring the neck or back and have long term relief from the symptoms. Advice on lifting, reaching and carrying will also avoid aggravating the problem.

Postural correction will always be improved with strengthening of specific muscle groups and stretching or relaxing overactive muscle groups. Advice that compliments your current exercise routine will also be important.

At Victoria Parade Physiotherapy Centre we have extensive knowledge in treating neck and back disorders, and once the injury is on the way to recovery you will also have the knowledge to self manage the injury.


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Neck and Back Disorders

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