Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are often thought to be only related to work activities, but they can also occur with repeated actions when at home, playing sport or even when playing with a hand held device.

In sport most injuries will fall into acute injuries where a one-off trauma causes damage to the tissues, or overuse injuries which occur over time with repeated microtrauma causing injury to muscle, tendons, bones, ligaments or joints. Poor technique or a build up in training that is too quick or too demanding can cause an overuse injury, for example shin splints. Treatment for the overuse injury or the acute injury should include advice on prevention of a recurrence of the injury, and pacing to allow a full recovery while returning to training and competition.

At home an overuse injury could occur when using secateurs while pruning plants, when clipping hedges with the arms above the head, painting the ceiling or scrubbing/polishing. Even vibration from power tools being handled for a period of time can cause the microtrauma, with an end result of pain in the tendons, muscles, and joints.

In the work place overuse injuries commonly occur in the wrist and hands, elbows and shoulders. Positioning for the task is crucial but frequent breaks from the activity and regular stretching relieves the constant stress through the soft tissue under load. Occupational overuse injuries were previously referred to as Repetitive Strain Injuries or RSI and develop slowly and progressively over time. Your physiotherapist at Victoria Parade Physiotherapy Centre can offer advice on prevention of it becoming a recurring injury and resolution of the symptoms by giving you exercises, stretches, massage and electrotherapy to enhance the natural recovery rate. Changing work practices underpins the recovery.


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Overuse Injuries

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