Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

For those people who have planned orthopaedic surgery for a joint replacement, reconstruction or arthroscopy there may be a few weeks prior to the surgery to have a physiotherapy appointment for advice on what to expect after the surgery, the exercises that would be beneficial for their recovery and , if it is leg surgery, how to manage crutches. Starting the exercises before the surgery enables you to have a good concept of how to carry out the exercises correctly.

Following the surgery you may be seen by a physiotherapist before leaving hospital and given advice and exercises for the first 5 to 10 days. Having a good understanding of these exercises is an important part of the rehabilitation and will enable you to have a good outcome. Over time the exercises should be changed to more challenging exercises and progressing the number of repetitions will also build the muscle strength and improve the range of movement. The early post operative exercises generally are not sufficient on their own beyond the first 2 weeks but the injury will not tolerate more difficult exercises too early. This is where your physiotherapist can guide and assist you as to how quickly to progress the home routine for rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist can also contact your surgeon to check if he or she has any specific requirements for the post operative phase.

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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

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